zechs carpegos
full name zechs carpegos (zex car·peh·goes) date of birth & age / sign april 11th / 22 years old hometown fisherman's horizon currently resides in classified occupation white seed weapon gjallahorn status huh? pets archie

Like so many families in Fisherman's Horizon, the lifeblood of the Carpegos family was their fishing business, Carpegos Fishing Co. The owners of their very own fishing trawler called the Easy Street, a bit of a misnomer since the Carpegos' struggle to find success was anything but. The entire Capergos family had a hand in the business, from Zechs' father and older brother, a grizzled captain and skilled navigator respectively, down to Zechs' mother, who was perhaps the most important and practical cog of the machine. She was A no nonsense woman and a competent mechanic. Mira was the one kept The Easy Street afloat. Every week something new seemed to come up, whether it was critical engine trouble or leaks, many joked that the ship was kept together purely by duct tape, stubbornness, and plenty of good fortune. In reality, it was the ingenuity of one woman who poured everything she had into maintaining a ship that she knew would have her husband and sons on board. What greater motivation does a mother and wife need than that?

Zechs' father, Ryker, was widely viewed to be on the opposite spectrum. Whereas Mira was the rock that the family and business relied upon, Ryker was considered by most to be a crude but loveable old seadog. It was the eldest son, Daken, who was viewed as the golden boy and future heir to the trusted family brand name. Tragedy would strike when a rowdy night of drinking kept Ryker from fulfilling his duties on the trawler the next day, leading Daken to take the trawler out with a small crew. A particularly vicious storm and bad fortune resulted in Daken going overboard and falling victim to the perils of the sea, a blow that would cut deep into the fabric of the Carpegos family. Guilt ridden, Ryker became a drunk and degenerate gambler. He threw himself into his work, believing that the only use he was to anyone was out on the ocean, but feeling like little more than an albatross to his own family when he docked. He seemed lost on land, stumbling about town drunk, and usually putting the business itself in jeopardy with foolish gambling habits and failed investments.

As the new hopeful future of his family, Zechs appeared to exhibit the best traits possessed by his parents. Having learned the value of responsibility and hard work at a young age from his late brother, Zechs found a way to contribute to the family business even as a kid. Against his parent's wishes after the tragedy that befell Daken, Zechs successfully hid himself in one of the ship's smaller compartments, surprising his dad and the other deckhands by popping out when the ship was too far out at sea to return. From then on he became a regular on the crew, and earned the respect and affection of the other fisherman by proving he was willing and able to take the same workload they were asked to shoulder.

As much as Zech's loved the ocean and the freedom he felt on Easy Street, that passion for the seas played second fiddle only to his boyhood obsession with SeeD. He'd been present in FH when their Garden landed (see: crashed) in his town. To a simple boy who had virtually no experience with anything beyond his quaint hometown, the exotically dressed and well armed warriors that emerged from the floating Garden were exciting. Their weapons, their demeanor, their clothes, all of it was so strange and new. That little taste of foreign lands was enough to ignite a deep interest in what lay beyond the ocean. When he wasn't working, he was off playing SeeD with his best friend. He'd swing a broken fishing pole around as if it were a gunblade, throw dirt and pretend he was calling on the power of para magic. He knew his role in life was to be a fisherman, an occupation he didn't dread in the slightest, but in his heart something told him he was meant to be a SeeD.

In a town full of pacifists, Zechs' father was perhaps one of the loudest to speak against the idea of fighting. Many found that odd since there were rumors that the inebriated sea captain was a decorated veteran of a war ages ago himself, but with the way he went about one wouldn't have guessed it. He thought of anyone that used force to solve matters as unrefined barbarians, which was funny coming from a man who spent his afternoon's passed out in a beer mug. SeeD were the worst offenders in his mind. They were hired swords that represented the worst of humanity. The fact that his son admired them so only irritated him that much more. He made sure to keep Zechs occupied, giving him chores and all the work he could handle believing that he would distract the boy away from his silly dreams of picking up a weapon and fighting. Ironically, it was Ryker himself who would ensure that his son joined SeeD inadvertently.

For years, Ryker's talent for picking losers in Chocobo races and doomed investments had only partially dented the business. Zechs, the ship's crew, and Mrs. Carpegos all knew that there would come a day when Ryker would prove to be more of a liability than an asset. As Zechs neared his 16th birthday, most of the Carpegos Fishing Co. agreed that they would be better served turning the reigns of Easy Street over to Zechs, who had already demonstrated he was more than able to take the helm even at his age. When confronted with this news by his crew, his wife, and his son, Ryker's wounded ego lead him to try and prove he was still capable of being captain. He did it by taking Easy Street into a storm on his own and with more than a few drinks coursing through his system. In the morning the ship was found wrecked, but thankfully Ryker's was fine other than a sobering hangover and realization of what he had just done.

Without the gil to pay for repairs, the Carpegos' were forced to sell their precious ship to a wealthy outside investor. The new owner was kind enough to keep most of the crew employed, but he decided to provide his own captain, stripping Zechs the opportunity of ever being in control of a ship. Helming a ship on the ocean had been one of his dreams, the freedom he felt when he was sailing was exhilarating, but he knew that unless he found a way to get the ship back he'd never experience that feeling again. His fate seemed to be sealed, he would work in the train yards or on the docks for the rest of his young life. His parents insisted it was life's way of working things out, but he didn't believe that.

If he couldn't fulfill one dream, then he would pursue another one. His father would never allow him to train in warfare, so Zechs didn't even ask. Alongside his friend since childhood, Zechs ran away from FH, stowing aboard just like he had all those years past on Easy Street. This time it wasn't a life of fishing that awaited on the other end, but an opportunity to enroll in Balamb. He went through SeeD candidacy and graduated but wound up requesting assignment to White SeeD where he served a tour of duty for a year before getting assigned back to Balamb Garden as SeeD.


From the day he witnessed a group of exotic young warriors arrive unexpectedly (some would say crash) in his hometown as a child, Zechs Carpegos has wanted to become a member of the mercenary group known as SeeD. Though he he didn't know their names at the time, the strangers had a deep affect on him. He watched them dispatch highly trained Galbadian soldiers like they were nothing. For a boy who had always been taught that one's life and fate ultimately relied on the winds of fortune, what he saw was remarkable. Individuals with the strength and martial prowess to determine their own destinies, and of those close to them, with force. It was an empowering thought, one that quietly placed him on the long road to becoming a SeeD. It started in the streets of Fisherman's Horizon, playing mercenary with his best friend, and ultimately culminated in his running away to the very institution that had once landed on his home. Balamb Garden. Life as a cadet was an eye opening experience. While his intense focus made him seem like a natural fit for SeeD on paper, it was the realities of warfare that he truly struggled with. Things like accepting that regardless of his training, there was a degree of risk inherent in the job that he'd never be able to control, especially when it came to his friends. The fear of losing someone close to him again nearly proved his undoing, and while he continues to wrestle with his own fears, the trials he faced as a SeeD candidate ultimately hardened him enough to make his selection into the ranks of SeeD possible. In the end, the opportunity to to grow and learn among a different branch of SeeD called to him, and he opted to volunteer for a lengthy excursion with White SeeD.


navigational/piloting abilities As the son of a deepsea fisherman and growing up in a family that made it's living with heavy machinery and vessels, Zechs has a natural comfort with life on the ocean and an aptitude with vehicles. Having trained with his father as both a helmsman and a navigator, he has a keen skill for manning treacherous waters. His interest has also lead him to take preliminary courses learning other vehicles, and one day hopes to try his hand at piloting as well. His training with the White SeeD has also sharpened his ability for sailing without the use of large engines.
swordplay Early into his training at Garden Zechs struggled with choosing an area of weapons training to focus in. Though Gunblades called to him, the high degree of finesse and control required to master the weapon proved too difficult, and instead he wound up leaning toward a more practical weapon that would make good use of his large size and considerable physical prowess. Large, heavy blades are his preferred weapon of choice. The heavy sort that require both hands for most, though he's trained consideraby to wield his weapon single handed at times. He favors weapons with both sharp and blunt ends for lethal or non-lethal approaches.
falconry TBD.


one has a tattoo of the "easystreet" on the left side of his ribs with "dc" on it for his brother
two can be a bit superstitious as he was raised that way. grows a good luck "seabeard" whenever he's out on the ocean, but prefers to remain relatively clean shaven on land
threean incredibly speedy swimmer despite his large size and can hold his breath for a lengthy period of time
four his overprotective nature has lead him to aliennate those closest to him at times
five can be a bit of a control freak sometimes, or so he's told.
six though he was raised to be a pacifist and non-violent, he's come to accept that some problems can't be talked out and require force to be solved. though he finds his parent and hometown's passive ethos admirable, he thinks it's a naive mindset to maintain.
seven he's loosened up significantly since he first arrived as a fresh faced cadet years ago. most of it's because he's become confident in his own abilities and comfortable in his skin, some of it's that he's learned from some of the mistakes he made from taking a rigid approach to becoming a seed.


paramagic tbd
equipment tbd
guardian force tbd

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